Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quikr NXT is here!!

Consider this:

Scene 1: You are in the middle of a shower at 8 am. The phone rings, waking up the baby who has kept you awake all night and has slept after you passed out beside him due to exhaustion, an hour ago leaving him by himself. You rush out...drenched, grabbing a towel....almost hitting your head when you slip on the wet floor...to find an unknown number calling and the baby angrily howling.

Scene 2: For the 17th time in 2 days you are talking to the 12th stranger who wants to carry forward the conversation from where you left. You are clueless! You try to describe the colour of  the sofa you want to sell...calling it coral blush, which the buyer finds brick red when he finally sees it!

Scene 3 : You've been calling several diffrent sellers in search of a specific product and in turn end up  disclosing your phone number to all those strangers!!

People relax!! Buying and selling does not have to be this stressful. Welcome to the next level of shopping and selling...Quikr NXT is here!! It lets you message sellers without a phone number, using the app!! Here are the benefits:
1) Firstly, buyers and sellers can interact without intruding each other's privacy or schedule. They can simply chat in messages and inquire about the product and all other details without the risk of calling each other at inconvenient times.
2) They can chat without disclosing their phone numbers or meal ids, just by using their Quikr ids!! How cool is that!!
3) They can easily send picture and videos of the product being bought or sold...so see for yourself!! You need not know the accurate name of the shade of your sofa that old lady wants you to describe!!
4) Oh yes! And you can save your chats and therefore the prices you quoted to different buyers or any other details you might want to refer to later.
How amazing!!!

I'm totally game for Quickr NXT people!! What say you??

Blue n grey

Hello everyone!
                    Grey is the colour which goes well with any and every colour. It is my favourite neutral. I love working around greys with bright or lighter shades. Check out the lovely outfit idea below. Classy and chic!! Love it!

Blue n grey

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The kind of stuff that makes my day!!

The kind of stuff that makes my day!!

Let's Believe!!

We women are truly strange creatures. So powerful, yet docile. So intuitive, yet under confident. So magnanimous, yet needy. So gifted, yet lagging. Playing multiple roles simultaneously, we forget our own worth, our own power, our own light. Let 2015 be the year of change. The best year ever in every woman's life. Let's take a small pledge...which will change our lives forever...to Believe!! Let's believe ladies!! Let's have faith!!
Let's believe we'll be able to make it through a busy, crazy day....smiling, feeling confident and
happy...spreading cheer and delight in small ways. Let's believe we will be the best moms, wives, daughters and persons who'll give our best to every moment. Let's believe we'll find light at the end of every dark tunnel. Let's believe we can do, be or have anything, ANYTHING we believe we can!! Oh common! Believing is no big deal....believe me. We were just taught not to. Let's unlearn all things which put us down. Let's banish all negative thoughts from our heads. Let's not entertain any doubts of any kind about our potential. Because in the heart of your heart, lady, you too are aware....that YOU CAN!! Own that power. Put it to good use. It's at your disposal. Have it. Flaunt it. Be it. Believe it. Cheers!!! 

Friday, January 30, 2015

No second chance..!!

True, life doesn't always give a second chance. I've heard about this many a times....planned, prepared and procrastinated.
It's been more than a decade since I met the people who were such integral part of my life once. With who I'd spend the whole day....fooling around, making future plans, daydreaming, lazing around....just being me....the souls who actually know me inside out...probably better than I do. My school friends. Lives took diffrent roads. All got busy with their family and careers. There were days when we'd feel uncomfortable not having met each other for even 3-4 days....and now...it's been years!! How lives change. How priorities change. How times change. How busy we get chasing the unknown. Ignoring the voice which tells you to pause and breathe. I want to meet all my school buddies who I've been with during my wonder years...I can. I should. I will. Coz you never know. Life seldom gives a second chance.

I love to paint! Have at least 5 unfinished paintings in my storeroom...covered in dust and time. Have thought about bringing them out and completing them every time I open that room...but that's all I do. Think. Plan. And then go about doing what I was about it....nothing. It hurts. I hate myself for doing it every time. And then again, I repeat. The canvas has aged. The colours have faded. But wonder what stops me? I want them done. No one else can do it. Only me. I will. I promise. Coz life is short. It doesn't always give you time enough for things you keep putting off for tomorrow. Coz who knows...if there is one at all!!

Learning to play the guitar!! But now I'm a mom! Not a teenager who aspires to be a rock star!!
What're my kids going to think about me? And how useless to learn something soooo stupid. I should probably join some cooking or baking courses instead....afterall I have some responsibilities! But I
promise I'll learn to play the guitar at some point in my life, for sure. But when?? Is life going to be any different then? Will I stop being a mom then? Will knowing how to play a guitar make me less aware about my responsibilities or duties?? I'll find a music teacher this week :). Coz when I say my final goodbye to this world...I should know I've done well. In life.
Life is now. There's no tomorrow. Today is the tomorrow you were worrying about yesterday. So get up n get going....life is waiting!!

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To market...

Keeping in mind the winters of  Kashmir....another smart casual ensemble.
To market...

I'm so in love with ankle boots and scarves!! Red colour adds oomph and warmth. Leather leggings and striped tee are versatiles. Feather silver bracelet adds attitude :).

Fun evening

Fun evening
Keep it simple when meeting friends for coffee or pizza. Have fun!!