Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let's Believe!!

We women are truly strange creatures. So powerful, yet docile. So intuitive, yet under confident. So magnanimous, yet needy. So gifted, yet lagging. Playing multiple roles simultaneously, we forget our own worth, our own power, our own light. Let 2015 be the year of change. The best year ever in every woman's life. Let's take a small pledge...which will change our lives Believe!! Let's believe ladies!! Let's have faith!!
Let's believe we'll be able to make it through a busy, crazy day....smiling, feeling confident and
happy...spreading cheer and delight in small ways. Let's believe we will be the best moms, wives, daughters and persons who'll give our best to every moment. Let's believe we'll find light at the end of every dark tunnel. Let's believe we can do, be or have anything, ANYTHING we believe we can!! Oh common! Believing is no big deal....believe me. We were just taught not to. Let's unlearn all things which put us down. Let's banish all negative thoughts from our heads. Let's not entertain any doubts of any kind about our potential. Because in the heart of your heart, lady, you too are aware....that YOU CAN!! Own that power. Put it to good use. It's at your disposal. Have it. Flaunt it. Be it. Believe it. Cheers!!! 

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